Bell Arbor

The client had been shopping around for an arbor and had been unable to find one that would work for him. The ones he likedwere either too wide, or too narrow, or didn't have a gate, or were just too expensive. Legacy Custom Woodcraft to the rescue!

We looked at several pictures from catalogs and the internet, and decided to make a copy of one of the arbors, resized to fit hislocation, with a gate derived from another arbor. Using the pictures and the measurements from his location, I created the cedararbor shown above.

The assembly is mostly butt joints which have been glued and screwed. Except for the eight screws that hold the top to the sides, which are left exposed to allow for disassembly for transport, all the screw holes are concealed with cedar plugs. The slats on the gate fit into mortises in the gate frame, and the trellis on the side panel fits into grooves and mortises in the panel frame.

I can make a copy of this garden arbor for you for $600. Please contact me for more information.