Jones Picnic Table and Benches

This picnic table set is a duplicate of the client's existing set shown below. The client wanted their old table to match the appearanceof their new deck, but the old set was aged to the point of no return. They were very happy with the design of the old set buthad been unable to find anything similar on the market. Legacy Custom Woodcraft to the rescue!

I photographed and measured the existing set and produced an almost identical copy. At the request of the client I added a back to one bench.

The table measures 46" x 46". The table and bench tops are made of clear cedar and the legs and braces are made with knotty cedar. It was assembled using approximately 250 rustproof non-staining screws.

I can make a copy of this picnic table set for you for $600.

This client has agreed to act as a reference. Please contact me if you wish to talk to them.