I was responsible for both the Mac and DOS versions of the Absolute Zero front end. Because there is no OS to speak of on the DOS side, no QuickDraw, no Font Manager, no List Manager, no Window Manager, no Control Manager, etc., I had to write their equivalents from scratch. I ported the Mac Resource Manager to DOS so I could use the same data files on both platforms and still use the Mac resource utilities to edit my data files.

Even without the cross-platform issues the AZ interface was a big project, with lots of animations and whatnot. I also spent a lot of time with the artists, helping out with some of the interface design and artwork.

My work on Absolute Zero earned me the honorary title of Co-Lead Programmer, or Lead Programmer, Jr. as it says in the Absolute Zero credits.

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These are the screen shots from the back of the box. The actual game looks better than some of these screen shots, which were made before the game was finalized.