This ad for the original Cyclone was placed in an electronic Mac gaming magazine.

This is the splash screen for Cyclone II, shown briefly while the game loads.

This is a screen shot of the original Cyclone. The player's ship is on the right, flying toward the enemy base. The enemy sits in the middle of the screen, with three segmented shield rings spinning in opposite directions relative to each other. The rings are whole at the beginning of each level; here the player has shot quite a few holes in the rings. The player must shoot holes in the rings to get at the enemy in the center, but then the base can fire back through those same holes. Here the base has just fired its weapon, seen below and to the left of the player's ship. Also shown are three 'mines' -- one is riding one of the center ring segments, almost directly in front of the enemy base; the other two are floating free, heading for the player, one above the player's ship, and one below. The shield yummy can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of the image; if the player picks it up the ship's shields will become fully charged and good for four close encounters with enemy mines. In the upper left corner the yummy vortex is disappearing, having just released a bonus yummy; if the player picks it up it will add between 1,000 and 10,000 points to the bonus score for this level. The status bar along the top of the screen shows the current score, the remaining bonus score, the current level, the number of remaining ships, remaining shield charge, and which ship enhancements have been picked up. Here the player has triple shots, so that the ship fires three shots in a spray pattern for each stroke of the fire key; the yummy lock, so that the player will keep all ship enhancements the next time the ship is destroyed; a bonus multiplier of six, so that at the end of this level the remaining bonus score will be multiplied by six before it is added to the score; and the challenge level, so that the player will get to play the challenge level for a chance to add to the bonus score after destroying the base but before the multiplier takes effect.

This is a screen shot from Cyclone II, which has improved graphics and sound, and adds a few yummies and a new challenge level.