This is a screen shot of the track layout editor in Train Engineer. The user lays out track, buildings and scenery on a grid. He can set up pickup and delivery schedules between buildings. Then he can run the simulation, controlling up to eight trains at once. Woohoo!

This is a screen shot of a running simulation. The top window shows a two-and-half-D first-person view of the selected train. The user can choose between sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy weather, and between grassy, sandy, and other terrains that I forget. The lower screen shows the top-down layout view of the simulation. This screen is almost identical to the DOS version -- we had no design input. I blew up the VGA icon buttons on the right and cleaned them up for the higher resolution, as I did for the compass on the left. And the top-down view shows four times the area of the DOS version because of the higher resolution. The base machine was a 16MHz 68020, so the two-and-half-D view was drawn offscreen at one quarter resolution and blown up when copied to the screen, both to increase frame rate and to avoid having to redraw all the VGA artwork for a higher resolution.